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In The Moment, ltd.

So, what's the ITM stand for, anyway?

In The Moment ltd, is the production company founded by Chris Wells and his partner, Jun Imai. It is dedicated to spreading improv in Japan Much of our teaching is based on the work of our mentor Keith Johnstone in Japan. Keith is all about storytelling in improv: "If there's no story, it's just junk-food." We also borrow from the work of Viola Spolin, Second City, IO, The Annoyance Theatre and classic acting techniques.

A bit of history for you: Jun and Chris met at an improv show in 1994, and subsequently studied with Keith Johnstone, both here in Tokyo and in Calgary, Canada, at the Loose Moose Theatre. Keith is the author of the classics "Impro for Storytellers" and "Impro", and invented many of the exercises, games, and techniques used in improv around the world.

Jun Imai is the author of the ground-breaking "自由になるのは大変なのだーインプローマニュアル" or, "It's Tough to Become Free - Impro Manual" and the three-volume "即興し始めたにっぽん人” or "Japanese Who've Begun to Improvize", both of which are now considered essential reading in the field. In 2013 he founded the Improvisor's Studio for professional actors to pursue their improvisation, method acting, and mask work training. He regularly tours Japan, teaching workshops from Osaka to Okinawa. His latest book, "Keith Johnstone in Japan", which includes a transcript of his 2010 workshops here as well as an extensive interview conducted by Jun and Chris covering a wide range of topics relevant to Japanese improvisors, was published Fall 2013. He is currently at work on a book on Zen and Impro. He is one of only a few people that does mask work, and he carves his own masks, having studied with a Noh mask master sculptor. Jun Imai's Impro Life Website

Chris Wells has been a member of the Tokyo Comedy Store since the year of his arrival in 1994, and was there for the very first show at the Tokyo American Club. He is a narrator and voice actor for NHK television and radio shows, corporate videos, and educational recordings. If you're traveling around the country, he can be heard on JR West Shinkansen and Hokkaido Shinkansen platforms, in Tokyo Tower's Special Observatory elevator, and on the audio guides for the Osaka Aquarium, The National Museum of Modern Art, and several other museums in Japan. He enjoys directing the TCS Improvazilla Show and in the moment improv program, and likens it to herding cats.

International Theatresports Institute

Jun and Chris are proud to be members of the International Theatresports Board of Directors. The iTi is a group of improvisors that perform Keith Johnstone's formats of Theatresports, Maestro, and Gorilla Theatre. We organize conferences, provide coaching to teams, and provide a connection between our member groups in dozens of countries around the world.

Find out more about the ITI here: ITI Website