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The TCS In the Moment Improv Program

Ever wanted to give improv a try yourself? Well, now's your chance to do so right here in Tokyo!

Start Improvising with our Level 1 Foundation and Level 2 Scenic Improv Classes!

Your improv journey begins with our Level 1 Improv Foundation classes- We have two Friday night workshops taught by Huw Lloyd and a 4-hour intensive foundation workshop every month taught by Chris Wells, for a total of eight hours of instruction. These classes will cover the basics and provide you with a safe and welcoming environment to learn about acceptance, listening, being in the moment, space object work, genres, gibberish, and many of the games you might already have seen played in improv shows.

The Level 2 Scenic Improv Workshops are held on Wednesdays from 7-9pm, and taught by Chris Wells, TCS Director and member of TCS since its founding in 1994. These workshops are for those with a solid foundation in improv and focus on narrative structure, character work, acting skills, space work, and finding the funny in the truth of a scene.

Showcase Scene from 8/11 Showcase

The Level 1.5 Intensive Game Bootcamp is where we explore new games each month. It’s a space for people who have a good foundation in improv to try out a variety of games with pinpoint instruction on how to play them without them playing you. These are stricter, hopefully in a fun way, and Chris won't be letting any breaking of the game rules slide, since that’s the main focus of the workshop.

A message from program director Chris:

If you're reading this, you're probably thinking of taking the plunge and trying out this workshop. But I bet you're worried that you're going to have to be hilarious right off the bat, and that you'll be judged cruelly by your peers. That's the nightmare scenario, and it might even be true at some workshops. But it's not the case at the ITM Impro Workshop- far from it.

My rule for the workshops is "Don't try to be funny- it comes later on its own." We focus on listening, accepting offers, and creating a story with a beginning, middle, and end, in a low-pressure environment. The work on recognizing negativity and the blocking of other's offers will change your life. You will be better, stronger, faster than before. No, seriously, it will. I'm not saying you'll hit enlightenment right off the bat, mind you... But it will help you be a more positive person, and one who listens to others before speaking. And that's gotta be a good thing, right?

Learn more about ITM Improv here!

But it's not just a workshop! We also have regular Student Showcases where you can try out what you've learned in front of an invited audience of friends and family. It's a safe, encouraging environment that allows you to hone your skills in a way that only performing in front of people for real can do.

And we also hold monthly jams for current and former workshop participants to do a whole bunch of scenes with less instruction and more stage time. It's better to get several workshops under your belt before participating in the jams, as a basic understanding of improv is expected.

Hope to see you there!

~ Chris


Cost: The weekly 2-hour workshops are ¥1,000, jams are ¥1,500 and the 4-hour intensives are ¥4,000.

Time: Level 1: First and Third Fridays, 7-9pm and Second Saturday 6-10pm. Level 2: Every Wednesday night, from 7-9pm. For intensives check our Meetup.

Location: Our Space studio just 2 minutes from Hatagaya Station, two stops from Shinjuku Station or a 20-minute walk from Yoyogi-Uehara. (Use Google Maps or other navigation program if you come from Yoyogi-Uehara, as it's a curvy walk through a neighborhood and you'll otherwise get hopelessly lost.)

Our Space Map

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The In The Moment TCS Improv Workshop Meetup


All native-level English speakers are welcome! And don't worry about your improv experience level- this is a class for all levels- from beginners to experienced players. If you aren't fluent in English this is NOT the class for you. Seriously. This is about comedy, and communication is key.

I don't mean you have to be a native speaker, though! We have several non-native speakers in the class who have no problem communicating in English and we love them. I just mean that if you want to take this class just to "practice" your English, you should try something else. Oooh, I really dislike people who come to this workshop to practice their English and not to learn improv. You have been warned...

Another option if you speak fluent Japanese would be to check out Jun Imai Impro for excellent classes in Japanese taught by Japan's preeminent improv coach and author, Jun Imai.

Who takes this workshop? Anyone interested in unleashing their creativity, or getting over a fear of public speaking, or just people looking for a good way to de-stress after work and have fun. We get people from all walks of life: teachers, stock brokers, computer engineers, students, screenwriters- all are welcome!

Hope to see you at a workshop soon!