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This page was last Updated on October 04, 2016

Want To Do Some Standup?

Whether you're just dropping in town or staying for a while, please head on over to this page that will walk you through the information you need.

Want To Do Some Improv?

The Tokyo Comedy Store is always open to having more improvisors. But, as you already know if you've done any improv, performing is all about trust, teamwork, and having at least some shared vision for how to do scenes together.

The TCS teaches improv comedy workshops for people who are just starting out. You're encouraged to go check them out. Even if you're experienced and think you're ready to go, it's recommended to check out the workshops so that your skills as an improvisor can be made apparent and then we can talk.

If you're not going to be in town for that long, or are just really, really burning to do improv, the you should come down to the Improvazilla Mainstage Show and talk to Chris , the director of the TCS in the moment improv program.

In any case, if you're serious about doing improv with us, try reading Keith Johnstone's "Impro for Storytellers"!

Want to Perform Some Other Kind Of Act?

Magic? Juggling? Rakugo? Sketch Comedy? If you have an act that you want to perform with us that isn't improv or standup, then let us know . We can't promise that we'll be able to accommodate every act, but we're open to any ideas you may have.

Want to start a whole new show?

The Tokyo Comedy Store is always interested in finding new audiences in new locations, or helping a new type of show with a new format that helps broaden the comedy scene here in Tokyo.

If you have an idea for a new show, a new place to perform, or a new comedy concept, then please check this page for a little starting guidance on how we can work together.

Want to help in some other way?

If you're a photographer, we'd love to have you come and take some pictures. Please check our guidelines for photographers