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This page was last Updated on July 09, 2014

The Tokyo Comedy Store is always looking ways to reach new audiences, and if you can help us do that, we'd love to talk to you.

Whether your a performer, the owner of a venue, or even just someone with a suggestion for a place that needs some comedy, then please talk to us!

We do have a few considerations for starting new shows, though, and so we'd like you to please consider the following points before suggesting a new venue.

Location, Location, Location

Our experience is that our shows work well in certain areas where English speakers congegrate, but at the same time, too many shows in one area can dilute audiences for each show. As a result, we have to carefully consider where the shows are and to what degree an area might be saturated.

There may be areas, such as in Yokohama and Saitama, that have enough English speakers but we haven't yet experimented with yet. If we can reasonably make the trip, we'd be happy to bring the comedy to uncharted audiences!


In Tokyo, venues can come in all sorts of strange shapes and sizes. We have performed in all sorts of places, and we've gained enough experience to assess whether or not a place has potential for a comedy show.

Factors include acoustics, lines of sight, and seating arrangements. If the audience can't be gathered in such a way as to see and hear a comedian clearly, then they lose interest, start talking and distracting other audience members, and the show can fall apart. Comedy is not like music which can either overwhelm a venue with volume or carry on without everyone in the room being focused. For a comedy show to work, it has to be possible to engage the entire room.

We can help you to assess the viability of a location for a comedy show, so please take advantage of our experience.


Our current shows are filling up the venues they are held at, and that is good for everyone involved. The performers like performing in front of a large crowd, the audience gets energized by each other, and of course the venue likes having many paying customers. It makes sense for us on many levels to have one show for a hundred people than two shows with fifty people each. Two shows with less people is more work with less return for each venue, and jeopardizes the sustainability of either one.

What this means in practical terms is that we have to be able to create a show in a new venue in a way that contributes to the overall success of all our shows. The terms we arrange with the owners of a new venue have to not only make sense for that venue, but in relation to our other shows. For example, if we have one show that charges 2000 yen and open a new show that is 1000 yen, then the second show might have an adverse effect on the first by drawing some of the audience away.

If you can agree to finding a way for your show to balance out with our other shows, then we can help provide the resources to make your show grow along with us.

The Bottom line

We hope you can help us reach new audiences, and if you have ambitions of having a show, or providing some new kind of comedy event for whatever reason, we want to help you.

The key is dialogue so that we can work together to create the most opportunity for success for all of us. The Tokyo Comedy Store firmly believes that working together we can achieve more than working individually.

Please contact us using our contact page and let us know what you have in mind.