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As long as the legal parent or guardian of consents that their child may see the show, then people under the legal drinking age (20 in Japan) are welcome at our shows. Essentially we leave it entirely to the parents to decide what is right for their kids.

However, the legal guardian needs to be aware of the following "fine print" conditions:

The Tokyo Comedy Store can not and does not take any responsibility, in any sense, for minors at our shows. We simply do not have the resources to monitor identification, nor can we verify whether or not parental consent has been given. If you are a legal guardian and for any reason whatsoever your are concerned about your child's presence at one of our shows, past or future, you need to discuss the matter with your child, not with us.

The Tokyo Comedy Store performs at a variety of venues, some would be considered "drinking establishments" intended for adults of legal drinking age only, and some would be considered restaurants or theatres. We do not keep track of the specific legal restrictions that may apply at any one venue. It is between the legal guardian and the management of the venue to verify if it is legal for a minor to be on the premises.

Lastly, and as comedians this for us is maybe the most important thing, we will not hold back or alter our show in consideration of the presence of minors of any age. We don't go out of our way to be vulgar, but we do go anywhere the comedy takes us, and that can easily be comedy that some people would consider not family oriented material. It is entirely up to you to determine if you think your child is mature enough to handle the possibility that adult oriented themes might come up.

If you are fine with all these terms, then you are welcome to bring your children of whatever age you think is appropriate to come and enjoy our shows.