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Whether it's a workshop to help organizations make their working environment a little more fun, or a performance to liven up an event, the Tokyo Comedy Store has been providing comedy and humour themed services for companies, organizations, schools, and charitable organizations for over two decades.

We've provided entertainment and workshops for Nike Japan , Coca Cola East Japan , McKinsey Japan , The UK Embassy , The Tokyo American Club , The Foreign Correspondents Club , Foreign Executive Women , and more!

Workshops and seminars

As improvisers, performers, and public speakers, we have certain skill sets that we can teach to help your company work a little better. Specifically, when it comes to corporate training, we have three main areas where we have the expertise to help your company be more productive. Teamwork, creativity, and presentation.


As improvisers making up entertaining stories for an audience on the spot, the core of our success comes from teamwork. We train constantly on how to offer ideas, how to accept them and build on them, and how to create the best results from everyone's contributions. Sound familiar? Is there any company not striving to find more synergy between their team members?


Whether standup or improv comedy, we only have one product to sell, which is our ideas. Comedians get on stage with nothing but creativity on offer, and those ideas have to be captivating, entertaining, and most difficult of all, funny. We are constantly striving to create the best ideas, and the best methods to make those ideas a reality. We can show you how to release your best ideas too.


And of course, it almost goes without saying that as comedians, especially standup comedians, our presentation skills have to be top notch. It doesn't matter how funny your ideas are if you can't convey them to an audience effectively. Some have said that standup comedy is the hardest form of public performance, and we tend to agree. If you can make an audience laugh, then almost any presentation seems easy by comparison. Let us help you get your ideas across and make them stick.

What we don't do is tell you how to run your business or project, that's your expertise. But we can help you get to where your going a little smoother, a little more creatively, and maybe even a little more fun.


Of course, we love to find new audiences to perform for, and if you're looking for something new for your corporate event or private party, we can bring the laughs!

We can provide standup, improv, sketch, and more! Along with our regularly performing comedians, we have a network of performers of many different types that we can help get you in touch with. If you want something funny to happen, we're the people to talk to.

A comedy performance has some great advantages, such as minimal setup, flexibility about the space we perform in, and adaptability to audience needs. Whatever kind of event you have in mind, if you want to involve some comedy, we can make a show for you!

Hosting, emcee, and presentation

If you're looking for someone to help make a presentation or show that you're putting on have a little more punch to it, we can help. Award shows, competitions, presentations, sports events, variety shows... anything that might need a host, we have the people who will keep the audience entertained between acts, and get the audience hyped up for what comes next. Don't sit through another presenter who just fills time, let us help your show become something everyone will enjoy every minute of!

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