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Improvised Theater!

Spontaneous Confabulation is the TCS resident improv team. They perform completely improvisational plays, humorous scenes, songs, and musicals at the Improvazilla Mainstage Show. To the audience's delight, they regularly bring people up on stage to help out with scenes, share their stories with us, or get suggestions upon which to base their performances.

Members are professional actors regularly appearing on Japanese TV, movies and NHK shows. Because they have to be "good gaijin" in their professional lives, our cast members enjoy the chance to really cut loose for a gaijin audience. Quick-witted, spontaneous, and always creative, Spontaneous Confabulation will exceed your expectations of what improv comedy can be! We listen to our mentor, Keith Johnstone, and always try to tell an engaging story as our first priority- the funny then follows naturally.

Current SponCon members are Chris Wells , Iain Gibb, Jonathan Sherr, Donna Burke, Bob Werely, Huw Lloyd, Amaya Begona Eckel, Jon Sabay and Jack Merluzzi, our audio improvisor. And not to forget our wonderful pianists: Julianne, Kevin McHugh, Frederic Viennot, and Ai, who create soundtracks and musicals on the fly!

Recent SponCon Alumni: Stacy Powell, Isaac Ezer, Trevor Ferdy, Adam DeAngelis, Nicole Dickson, Natasha Rothwell, Leila Ali, Paul Prieur, and TCS Co-director Michael Naishtut.

Special Events

We are also happy to perform at special events! We've appeared at the Tokyo American Club, the Australian and British Embassies, the Yokohama Country Club's Presidential Ball, and have provided specialized entertainment for corporate events for companies such as Nokia and Deutche Bank. We're also proud to support the Shine On!/Tyler Foundation's annual fundraiser events for the past several years.

Corporate Training

Yes, improv can be used in training! We've been brought in to help two companies get to know each other after a merger, role-play with executives to help them learn interviewing skills, and increase communication skills and a "Yes, and!" attitude among staff. Our experienced trainers can work with your HR department to custom design a workshop program to meet your needs.

Contact our representatives at Dagmusic for further details.

Spontaneous Confabulationは、東京コメディ・ストアのレギュラー・インプロ・グループです。シーン、歌、ミュージカルをすべて即興で皆さまにお贈りします。

Photos from the Improvazilla Mainstage Show at the Crocodile Live House in Shibuya, Tokyo:

Musical Finale Musical Finale

Bob and Huw Bob and Huw in animated conversation.

Chris and Stacy Chris and Stacy Duet