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This page was last updated on December 18, 2016.

Drop In Comedians

This page has all the information you need if you are just going to be stopping by Tokyo for a short time and want to drop in on one of our regular shows. If you are going to be in Tokyo for a while, click here . If you want to come to Tokyo to do a special headliner show, click here .

How to get stage time

If you're just planning to be in Tokyo for a very short time and drop in on a few of our regular shows, then here's how to do it.

First, read through this whole page before contacting us. It's not that much information, and you'll save yourself some time by reading it.

Second, and most importantly, check our schedule page before you reach out to us, so you can see which shows we have that coincide with our time in Tokyo. When you contact us, tell us which shows you are interested in having a spot at. If you don't tell us which shows you want, you'll be directed to the schedule page, so save yourself a little time by taking that step before you contact us.

Third, send us an email through our contact page , telling us exactly which shows you want to be at. We can't promise you actually will be able to put you on at every show you want, but if you start with specific dates, we can help you quicker.

When to contact us

You can contact us any time, but be aware that we generally book all the shows in a calendar month in the previous calendar month. So, just for example, the bookings for February will be handled sometime in the last week or two of January. So if you contact us very early on, we might ask you to get back in touch closer to when we book shows so that we can include you in the process.

It might be possible to squeeze you in at the last minute, but please understand that we might not have the space for you. We generally don't "bump" comedians who are signed up for a spot, because our policy is that once we've made a promise, we keep it. However, that said, we'll try and find stage time for you, but, man, it would be so helpful if you could get in touch with us earlier.


The same requirements that apply to our local performers also apply to visiting comedians, with the exception that you do not need to sign up to the mailing list to request a spot. The short version is, stay within your time, don't disrupt the show, don't be late, introduce yourself to the show organizer on arrival... normal stuff. If you need specifics, please check the guidelines for our local performers .

Different shows have different formats and different organizers. We ask that you understand that things might be run slightly different at any show, and that you go along with it. The person running the show on the night has the final say in how their show happens.

Visas and work permits

We have specific information from the immigration office about visas, however, because of obvious legal implications, we can't dispense advice about visas here on this web site. If you contact us, we can talk about how you can legally enter the country and perform with us. Comedians have visited us in the past, so it is possible. But, of course, our advice carries no official weight, so if you have any specific concerns requiring authoritative answers, please speak directly to the nearest Japanese consulate or embassy before boarding a plane to come here. All we can tell you here is that we operate in full compliance with Japanese immigration law. And that we can not and do not take on any liability for you or your visa status when entering the country

Super important! Unless you have explicit and direct instructions from us, the default is do NOT mention us or our group to any immigration or government official. We hope you understand our need to not involve ourselves with the immigration office on anyone's behalf.

How much stage time to expect

If you're not expecting more than 10 minutes of stage time, and if you're okay with only getting 3 minutes in some cases, depending on shows and time availability, then we're generally okay with just taking your word that you're funny and giving you that time. Though, a personal introduction from someone we know or a reference will help a lot.

If, however, you want more time, any special considerations, or anything beyond just taking what's available, then we might ask you to send us some example of your work, assuming you're not obviously well known or something.

Also please understand that even if you are an established and successful comedian where you are from, it may be the case that our assessment is that your act would be of limited appeal in Tokyo. In such a case, we may only offer a small amount of stage time, or in some rare cases you might not be a fit for our crowd. Please understand that this is not an assessment of your ability, it is an assessment of our audience and the needs of our shows.

Looking forward to seeing you perform!

Thanks for reading through our guidelines. Please get in touch to see about performing with us!