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Please note that the workshop needs a minimum of 8 people participating in order to be confirmed on.

Workshop Information

Get a little bit funnier! Dave Gutteridge, author of the book Your Mind is a Funny Thing , is offering a comedy workshop, where you can learn a lot about comedy in just one afternoon.

In just a few hours, you'll learn about the craft of telling jokes in front of an audience, the role that humour plays in our social lives, and how to get more laughs in just about any situation.

People who attended previous workshops said...

"Everything you wanted to know about standup comedy and were afraid to ask. Very informative! Would be definitely interested in attending the next workshop." ~ Vladia V, Lawyer

"I got a lot from that idea about first creating a common world with the audience (who are not a group of friends) at the beginning of the stand-up comedy, or presentation, or lecture, in order to have a common platform from where common references can be understood." ~ Ola V, IT professional

"Mr.Gutteridge has precise insight. His advice for the performers was accurate and helpful." ~ Rie K, Civil Servant

Who should take this workshop

* People who do presentations at work, teach classes, or other situations where they have to address a group of people, and want to know how to boost the appeal of their speeches by blending in a little humour.

* People who feel they could use a little more humour in their daily lives, by learning how to make anecdotes have a little more punch, and how to use humour to break the ice.

* People who love comedy and simply enjoy learning about it, so they can enhance their enjoyment of comedy performances.

* People who live in Japan and feel a disconnect between what they find funny and what Japanese culture offers, or are maybe simply curious about how culture and comedy inter-relate.

* People who want to take that big step of getting on stage to try their hand at actually performing comedy.

Are Japanese, or others who speak English as a second language, welcome to attend?

Yes! If you feel you are up to it, please come down to the workshop! The class will be taught in natural spoken English, but we'll leave it to you to decide whether you can or want to try. Some minimal explanation in Japanese can be made available, and there's no problem if you ask for clarification in more simple English. (If you can read this explanation page, you're almost certainly good to go.)


Dave standup 2015

The comedy workshop is taught by Dave Gutteridge , who has decades of experience performing comedy, and years of teaching it. On top of having taught this standup workshop with the Tokyo Comedy Store many times before, he has also has taught the same workshop at Temple University. He has done seminars on comedy at Waseda University both from the perspective of comedy history and for comparative culture study groups. He has taught improv workshops for kids at the many international schools in Tokyo and for years he taught improvisational comedy to adults.

Currently he regularly performs standup comedy in English with the Tokyo Comedy store, and in Japanese with Okomedyaki .


The workshop is 4000 yen. This includes a copy of the book Your Mind is a Funny Thing .

Workshop format

The workshop starts with an introduction to comedy in general, using standup comedy as the touchstone for exploring the topic of comedy. From there on, the people who are learning standup comedy performance make their presentations, and each one is used as a launching point for discussion about the various topics of comedy.

If you are interested in another particular form of comedy, such as sketch writing, improv, comedy acting, or anything else, then please let that be known at the beginning of the class. Dave has enough information to fill many workshops, so by asking the questions you want answers to, you can help shape the workshop so that you can learn what you want to learn!

And you can expect a lot of laughter even though you'll be learning a lot!

Date, Time, and Location

The Standup Workshop takes place at Jingumae Onden Community Centre , in meeting room number 2 on the second floor. There will be a sign outside the door that says Tokyo Comedy Store.

It's a 30 second walk from the intersection of Omotesando Dori and Meiji Dori, and literally right behind exit 7 of the Meiji-jingumae (Harajuku) station on the Chiyoda line and the Fukutoshin line. It's also a short walk from Harajuku station or Omotesando station.

For complete directions, including maps and pictures, refer to this Jingumae Onden Community Centre information page .

The workshop is scheduled to start at 13:15. Please come at 13:00 so that we can start on time. Payment will be collected on arrival. Please bring exact change. The workshop will end roughly 16:45. We need to clean up and be finished with the room no later than 17:00. There will be two breaks of five to ten minutes each so that your brain doesn't get too tired.

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