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This page was last updated on October 04, 2016

Guidelines for Visiting Headliner Comedians

If you want to set up a headliner show outside of our regular schedule, than please get in touch and we can negotiate terms. Please keep the following points in mind as guidelines:

1. The Tokyo Comedy Store does not have it's own stage. For large shows, we need to arrange a venue. Tokyo has an extremely large and dense population, so competition for space is intense, which impacts booking theatres. The result is that we need more time to book space than other cities. For theatres above 300 seats, they may be fully booked for up to six months in advance, and theatres over 600 seats may not be available for a full year and a half. The sooner you can make arrangements with us, the better!

2. If you want to set up a show of less than a hundred people or so, we might be able to set something up on short notice, but usually this will only be profitable if you are already coming to Tokyo and your travel costs do not need to be covered out of ticket sales.

3. The local Japanese population has almost zero knowledge, or interest, in English speaking comedians. If you perform here, you will be performing almost entirely for the English speaking ex-pat community.

4. The entertainment industry here is by and for Japanese speaking people, and is largely gated off from outsiders. For all intents and purposes, they provide no support or opportunities for visiting English speaking comedians.

We'd love to have you come perform!

Tokyo is a challenging place for setting up an English comedy show. But, we've successfully done it in the past, so please contact us and we'll see what we can work out. Send us a message, and we'll take it from there.