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Comedy Night @ Double Tall

This is an all comedy show in English.

Do you like to sit in quiet judgement of others? Of course you do! Who doesn't? Now, you can make your judgement felt with our new TCS app which allows you to vote on whether or not comedians keep performing! That means you only watch comedians for as long as they are entertaining! It's an awesome mix of the latest technology with comedy so that you get the best show possible!

We also have comedy games and a podcast and other stuff going on, so there's a variety of performance to make the show a great night out for you. Come on down to a relaxed cafe and have a few laughs to round out your week!

Check out this video made by Japan Travel that gives you a feel for the night. They took this video back when the show had a different name and slightly different format, but it still gives you a sense of how the night is.

The microphone is open to anyone who wants to try, so if you've ever thought about telling a joke or two on stage, please see our guidelines for performing to get involved! The stage is open for anyone to try their hand at comedy, but you need to be in touch beforehand to request a spot.

Location: Double Tall Cafe in Shibuya .

Time: From 8 PM to roughly 10 PM.

Admission: Free! (... sort of. You need to buy a drink or food or something.)

Frequency: Every third Thursday of the month, except some holidays, and sometimes there is no show if the venue has another booking. Please always refer to our schedule page to be sure when the show is on.

Check our schedule for dates!