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This page was last updated on November 29, 2016.

How to perform standup with the Tokyo Comedy Store

Thanks for your interest in performing standup comedy with the Tokyo Comedy Store! Whether you're just stopping by for one or two shows, or planning on being in Tokyo for an extended amount of time, all the information you need is on this page.

If you read nothing else, read these top three points!

We are a community of volunteers

The people who manage shows are performers themselves, and do the work of setting up shows so that they themselves have an opportunity to perform. So please understand that when you get in touch with us that the person you will be in contact with is essentially a volunteer who is doing their best.

We try to take care of things online so that we can enjoy the shows

On the night of a show, we want to focus on two things, which is being funny and having a good time. To help make that happen, we've put all the administrative bullshit that is not fun here on the website. We ask that you join us in making the shows fun and funny by referencing this website for all show management issues, and contacting us online instead of getting into discussions at our shows.

Performing with us means you've read and agree to everything written here

All the guidelines spelled out on this website effectively act as our "terms and conditions". If you perform with us, we assume you've read and agreed to all of them. The responsibility is on you to make sure you've read through everything relevant to you, and that you're cool with it.

How will you be performing with us?

Please click the link that best describes your situation: